RSI Autoclick

This free program is intended for people with RSI or other injuries to their fingers. This program greatly reduces repetitive finger clicking by doing most of the clicking for you. All you are left to do is move the mouse.

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Dutch version:
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How to use

the cursor auto-clicks after moving upwards or horizontally


Donate for improvements

I'm sharing this program with you for free, but coins in the hat are quite welcome if you appreciate my handiwork. Donations stimulate further improvement and added features for your benefit and others.

Thank you, and I wish you good health :)


The program is only designed to reduce stress and pain in one's fingers. It will not reduce or prevent RSI symptoms in other areas and it should not be considered a cure. You would be ill advised to take the absence of pain as a sign that you can pull longer hours without rest. Should you find that using the program makes you strain your muscles more instead of less, I advise that you stop using it.
This program is shared as is. You are to use the program in your own judgement and at your own risk.
I do not accept responsibility for any effects this program might have on you, your computer or your files, whether the effects are positive or negative, physical, mental or digital, in life or in death.
This program is free for personal use. Re-distribution for commercial purposes is prohibited.